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Biographical Information:


My practice is focused on addressing wider economic and social concerns through research-based strategies, informed by community. My aim is to facilitate equitable, sustainable, and achievable outcomes for my clients.


To this effort I bring a hybrid of experience in academia, business, and nonprofits. As a university professor I researched, taught and wrote about the spatial impacts of socio‐economic phenomena using economic development, urban design, and social and environmental justice as various lenses to understanding. I’ve published in academic presses on topics such as revitalization, gentrification, the creative placemaking paradigm, housing trends, and community engagement. My current research forms the foundation for professional reports and studies.


I have a deep comprehension of the integral relationship between practice, institutions, and community. I apply this knowledge and my expertise in research design in support of clients seeking to better appreciate and plan for development impacts, workforce and workspace needs, and community outreach, improvement, and wellness.  


I excel in designing and managing research and community engagement projects and strategizing ways to reach positive, inclusive and achievable outcomes based on the findings. Foremost to my identity, however, I am an urban social justice geographer. My life’s work with communities as a practitioner, teacher, researcher, nonprofit advocate, and volunteer is informed by understanding that inequalities have their basis in cultural norms and my goal is to recognize and question injustice in unquestioned norms and work to create positive and just change.


As a committed community engagement professional with a successful history of developing strong partnerships and producing effective outcomes, I welcome the opportunity to talk with leaders, organizations and communities about the visionary and strategic contributions I can make in support of their missions.

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